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Daddy's Girls Entertainment has an extensive selection of showgirls for your party needs. 

Each of our showgirls have their own choreographed shows, exclusive to them. To find out what we have available, contact us and we will provide you with a selection of girls and their individual performances. No XXXXX show is the same, but they are ALL guaranteed to make the night one to remember. 

Here you will find a list of the themes for the naughty shows we have available. When you enquire, you will receive a detailed description of the routine and have the option to extend or upgrade your experience. 

XXXX showgirl
Daddy's Girls XXXX showgirl
Adult entertainment model


'Slippery When Wet'- performed by Jenna and Holly

Fully themed lesbian show where the girls are naked by the end of the first song. This show includes a pussy ring toss and vibe shooting over 4m. Double ender in 5 scissor positions, Holly performs anal and double penetrations while Jenna uses the DRILLDO! (The buck can be included in this show).  The girls will fountain squirt all over each other and the buck

LEZBIHONEST- Performed by Jenna and Holly

This show is for those wanting real and in your face girl on girl action. Watch as the girls help each other strip down to pleasure each other and perform a 69 with a twist. This show includes lollipops, body slides, fruit and veg, rimming, double penetration and more. 

Contact Us for more Lesbian show details and information

lesbian XXX show



Toys! Your showgirl will interact with the crowd and get the crowd warmed up as she works on herself with a range of toys and gadgets. Be prepared to dodge flying dildos...and maybe pack a raincoat!

Jenna showgirl


Greek Shows

Everything you'd expect from a XXXX toy show, with the addition of watching toys being inserted in the back door. 

lingerie model


The Works

Everything from natural masturbation and squirting, to fire play, bondage, whipping and more. Contact us for a list of our vailable showgirls and their routines. 

Daddy's girls model

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